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Modernist poetry often is difficult for students to analyze and understand.

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A primary reason students feel a bit disoriented when reading a modernist poem is that the speaker himself is uncertain about his or her own ontological bearings. Such ontological feelings of fragmentation and alienation, which often led to a more pessimistic and bleak outlook on life as manifested in representative modernist poems such as T.

American Literature - Modernism (1914-1946)

The rise of cities; profound technological changes in transportation, architecture, and engineering; a rising population that engendered crowds and chaos in public spaces; and a growing sense of mass markets often made individuals feel less individual and more alienated, fragmented, and at a loss in their daily worlds. This lesson allow students to explore the forces that prompted the literary modernism movement, specifically focusing on modernist poetry.

  • Edited by Tim Kendall.
  • A History of Modern Poetry, Volume I: From the 1890s to the High Modernist Mode.
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  • By allowing students to explore the movement independently, they will also be able to develop research and inquiry skills. In this lesson, students will explore the role of the individual in the modern world by closely reading and analyzing T.


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    More than a hundred poets are treated in this volume, and many more are noticed in passing. David Perkins discusses each poet and type of poetry with keen critical appreciation.

    Modernist poetry in English

    He traces opposed and evolving assumptions about poetry, and considers the effects on poetry of its changing audiences, of premises and procedures in literary criticism, of the publishing outlets poets could hope to use, and the interrelations of poetry with developments in the other arts—the novel, painting, film, music—as well as in social, political, and intellectual life.

    The poetry of the United States and that of the British Isles are seen in interplay rather than separately. This book is an important contribution to the understanding of modern literature.