Manual Functional nanofibers and their applications

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ScholarWorks: Formation of Functional Nanofibers and Their Applications for Wearable Electronics

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Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers

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Electrospun Functional Nanofibers and Their Applications in Chemical Sensors and Li-Ion Batteries

Macromolecular Rapid Communications , 36 7 , Polymer Chemistry , 6 18 , ChemPlusChem , 79 10 , Advanced Materials , 26 32 , Type: Research Support, Non-U. Abstract This feature article provides an overview of the preparation of functional nanofibers by combined electrospinning, controlled radical polymerization and 'Click Chemistry'. A combination of the powerful capability of controlled radical polymerization and 'Click Chemistry' for the synthesis of functional macromolecules and on surface modification as well as their wide applicability to electrospinning materials, functional nanofibers with a crosslinked structure, core-shell structures, and switchable surface properties etc.

In addition, the applications of the functional nanofibers in antibacterial fields and controlled release are also explored. Read Article at publisher's site. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network?

Functional Nanofibers and their Applications

Protein Interactions. Protein Families. Nucleotide Sequences.

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  • Functional Nanofibers and their Applications.
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