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Strange goings on are afoot in San Andreas. From mysterious bones to the dead risen from the grave, the paranormal is very real in the world of GTA 5. We show you where you can find it. The bones can be found off the west coast of San Andreas , south of Chumash. Many other paranormal oddities are scattered around San Andreas.

She'll disappear when you approach her. The name "Jock" is written in blood next to her. If you search the internet for the "Who Killed Lenora Johnson?

Street Stock-"Tradin Paint" !

The article tells that the ghost is Jolene Cranley-Evans and that her husband is suspected of pushing her off the cliff. Her husband, Jock Cranley, later moved to Los Santos to become a famous stunt man and is currently running for governor of San Andreas. During this mission you must steal celebrity items for a man named Nigel.

Bigfoot is hidden mostly behind a tree from your helicopter vantage point. There's much, much more to this easter egg Up in Vinewood hills near the Cinema you can be treated to a rather friendly zombie. The Vinewood Zombie occassionally appears at this corner. GTA 5 has so many incidental references, nods, and inside jokes that we gave them their own page! Conceptualized we could well-chosen swapping revolutionary ideas. A worried family relies on a security camera to safeguard an elderly relative in a nursing home three states away.

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The in a manner pronouncement is, list of books. Hopefully I can get a few days here at the lake, a cold beer in his hand, is stopped by the police. Should score with both mystery and pet lovers. Pumpkin Patch Mystery, gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space? Garage kept, then! The magazine fulfills this mission by mixing stories on Minor League baseball and stockcar racing in with more traditional historical and topical pieces.

Stuff for me all day - Brought up boxex from Broo0klyn garage. Driving to his next performance, on the way back plan to spend a couple days at Cedar eat place, wood, presented in its 'Special-Edition' form. Stockcar Races - Goodland. Txt or read online? Uk to enjoy our fee. But I soon realized that the SOHC was one complex engine and maintenance was a nightmare, what with different thickness lash caps needed to set the valves and two camshafts to synchronize. Plus, after a few months, spectators got used to the exotic SOHC cars and the novelty wore off. To top it off, the sodium-filled exhaust valves were failure prone.

I lost two engines due to this and had to return the entire engines to Ford for repairs. It went to Paul Rossi. So I borrowed a welder in the pits, beefed the welds, and finally got approved. My first ever pass in the car was made during eliminations, and I was eliminated by Tom Grove in one of the 2 percent Plymouth altered wheelbase cars. But getting one was difficult, so that was another thing that made leaving Mercury easy.

Besides, on the match-race circuit, strip promoters would pay me three times as much to bring the Pontiac as they would the Comet. In late , I knew the Mercury deal was unwinding, so I completely transformed my Tempest Super Duty sedan into a full-blown altered wheelbase match racer called the Tameless Tiger. Notice how the rare aluminum front fenders were simply slashed for tire clearance.

Since the Tempest was a unibody car, the end result weighed 2, pounds. By this time, I was having a really rough time getting enough Super Duty crankshafts and cylinder heads. The Tameless Tiger was nudging mph and mid-8s on fuel, and the extra wheelbase helped keep it pointed straight. The original aluminum fenders gave way to a one-piece fiberglass flip-nose by Fiber Glass Ltd. This car covered most of the quarter-mile with the front wheels in the air. If I was ahead of my competition, I had a terrible time lifting my foot off the pedal, so as you might guess, the car got crashed several times.

Depending on how bad and where it crashed, it frequently got repainted with different lettering to help give exposure to whoever helped me repair the damage. I was also appreciative of any sponsor who came on board with anything, even some oil or spark plugs; their name would go on the car. After facing the tube-frame, flip-top Mercury Funny Cars with my steel-bodied Tempest and GTO, I knew I had to follow the same formula to remain competitive. The Star of the Circuit name stems from a dragstrip announcer who loved the paint, and also due to the fact I toured the car all across the country, from Cecil County, Maryland, to Bakersfield, California.

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At 2, pounds ready to race, it ran 8. I still got in and out through the doors, which were hinged like a normal car. Serious engine work required removal of the tinwork inside the car, since I drove from the back seat area. Pappy Hart knew how to get the word out.

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I was never there with anything less than a packed crowd in the stands. It was my first true flip-top Funny Car. The one-piece fiberglass body was made by Fiber Glass Ltd. Under the skin was a copy of the round tube frames being made by the Logghe Brothers but with some of my own ideas. This picture shows the car before it had ever been down the track. Our parents were good friends, and we grew up on nearby farms before he moved to Georgia.

No doubt, his neighbors got a kick out of seeing my match race Pontiacs appear every year in their backyards for a few days. I got talked into racing the Boss Bird on dirt at a few state fairs against quarter horses and pulling tractors. The course was about feet long, and the promoter set it up in front of the main grandstand. I loaded a bunch of ballast and replaced the slicks with knobby snow tires. I won, but it was close.

This tractor is one of many I raced.

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Notice the carbureted Chevy big-block and International Harvester radiator shell. By this time, I was using a Pontiac block but with SD heads and cranks, since they were still the best parts available. My fans loved it when I led the more powerful Funnies to the finish line, which happened a lot. Cook was an independent racer like me. That meant zero factory support. That explains why he ran a Chrysler Hemi in his Mustang.

He got banged up pretty good, and it was quite a while before he was healed enough to drive again. The crowd gave us a standing ovation as we passed the stands on the return road to the pit area. I might have been known as one of the more fearless drivers on the circuit, but you can be sure I met my match any time I lined up against Jungle.

I loved Jungle Jim. In many ways, we were like brothers.

Swapping Paint by Joyce Lavene

By the late s, Pontiac engineering, like Chevrolet, was dabbling in some exotic metal. They had even-spaced exhaust ports and huge intake ports, more like tunnels.

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They worked best with a supercharger on my Funny Car. I built the Boss Bird for the race season, but splayed-cap Ram Air V engine blocks were impossible to get.

Stock Car Racing Mysteries: Swapping Paint 1 by Joyce Lavene and Jim Lavene (2007, Paperback)

This picture was taken at a small gas station in College Park, Georgia, I used to visit on my way south each year. I hear there is talk of it being re-released by Round 2, the outfit now in control of the MPC kit tooling. I sell them at ArnieBeswick. Funny Car chassis technology was progressing so fast I had the Logghe Brothers build me an all-new car for based on one of their superlight frames. It had the right suspension geometry for high-speed stability. I named it Super Judge, and I guess you could say it was my first professionally built car.