Guide Free Form Chip Carving - 35 New Designs

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Whittle a whistle!

Probably one of the most simple things to do, although some practice is required to get good at making them. It still offers a project to start where basic cutting styles will be implemented. Check out the different cutting techniques here:. Whittling: An All-Inclusive Guide. Literally just pick up a good looking stick and jump into carving your whistle! Many beginners start out with making something they can use afterwards. The ever so popular item being a wooden spoon you can also do spatulas which is an awesome idea. You can use it for yourself, sell it, or even use it as a gift if it looks good enough.

Wood carving spoons has become an art form more than anything and with the amount of modifying features wood carving allows its no wonder why people start with carving spoons.

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Uses the same principles as carving a spoon except using a larger chunk of wood. Aesthetically pleasing result while giving you practice for basic whittling cuts. Very simple design to create. Simple enough. Not near as many features as the first but it definitely is a starting point!

Chip Carving Patterns

Carving animals is great for beginners since you begin detailing identifying features like eyes and various shapes. Start carving gifts for people or decorating your house with little random ornaments after you get familiar with carving animals! Yes, a hand carved yoda. It goes to show how versatile wood carving designs can be once you have an idea in mind.

Chess pieces are insanely easy to make and add character to. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Free Form Chip Carving - Woodcarving Illustrated

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Relief Carving Projects & Techniques (Best of WCI)

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Free Form Chip Carving: 35 New Designs

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