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AmirKhalkhali, A. Dar Abstract.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Warburton Abstract. Durmaz, N. Benlagha, S. Yin, Z. Garcia, S. Nemirova, G. Hazard analysis for interval-censored duration of non-employment: school-to-work transition of vocational training graduates in Morocco , Teyssier, L. Special Report. Reciprocity in bilateral trade flows: An empirical analysis for trade between Australia and Latin American countries, Gonzslez, G. Viego, V. On wealth volatility, asymmetries and the average propensity to consume in the United States, Holmes, M. Finding international Fisher effect to determine the exchange rate through the purchasing power parity theory: the case of Mexico during the period , Salas-Ortiz, A.

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Are exports and imports of Saudi Arabia cointegrated? An empirical study , Haque, M. Are Exports and Imports Cointegrated?

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Chikhuri, K. Frias, I. Vol Gender differences between remittances and labor participation in developing countries: A cross-section analysis of Colombia in year , Mora, J. January-June of International Comparisons. J, Edwards, J. O,, Udah, E. And Tsavdaridou, M.

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B, Yalta, A. A, Rodriguez-Espinosa, M. L and Garcia-Meneses, E. S and Karim M. Worker remittances in international growth regressions: The problem of collinearity , Ziesemer, H. Technology, factor endowments, and specialization in OECD countries: the role of variable capital utilization, Shikher, S. Exploring regional convergence: evidence from 19 European countries, , Andrade, C.

And Gunes S. Hodges, H. S Abstract. The impact of the political liberalization-economic freedom nexus on economic growth, , Chu, Y.

  1. Principles of Quantum Electronics.
  2. A Frequency-Domain Approach to Dynamic Macroeconomic Models - Munich Personal RePEc Archive.
  3. Review of the Department of Defense Research Program on Low-Level Exposures to Chemical Warfare Agents.
  4. Fragments from Forests and Libraries: A Collection of Essays (Carolina Academic Press Ritual Studies Monographs);
  5. Economic Development in Early Modern France: The Privilege of Liberty, 1650-1820.
  6. The dissociation between emissions and economic growth: The role of shocks exogenous to the environmental Kuznets Curve Model , Diaz-Vazquez, M. H, and Anil Rupasingha, A. Mokoena , T. Exports and Economic Growth. N Abstract. Africa and Mena countries. Are Indian Exports and Imports Cointegrated? Growth and Convergence, Is there a North American Business Cycle? Analysis for , Rosmy J. J anuary-June Structural econometric modelling: Methodology and tools with applications under EViews EViews features a powerful economic modeling engine that allows ananlysis and forecasting of the relationships between sets of variables.

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